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Best Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Under $100

By: Robert Llarves | Date Posted: July 1, 2023

Best Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Under $100

In the world of gaming, having the right tools can make a significant difference in your performance and overall gaming experience. While a powerful gaming PC and high-resolution monitor are important, the role of a gaming keyboard and mouse combo should not be overlooked. These peripherals are the primary means of interacting with your virtual world, providing you with precision, responsiveness, and control. However, finding the perfect gaming keyboard and mouse combo that meets your requirements while staying within budget can be a daunting task.

That’s why we have put together this guide to help you navigate the vast sea of options and find the best gaming keyboard and mouse combo for under $100. We understand that not everyone can splurge on expensive gaming peripherals, so we have curated a list of top picks that combine affordability and functionality. With these options, you can elevate your gaming experience without breaking the bank.

In the following sections, we will explore the factors to consider when choosing a gaming keyboard and mouse combo, highlight our top picks within the given budget, compare their features and performance, and offer some budget-friendly tips to enhance your gaming setup. Whether you are a casual gamer or a competitive enthusiast, this article will provide you with valuable insights to make an informed decision and level up your gaming arsenal. So, let’s dive in and discover the best gaming keyboard and mouse combo under $100 that suits your gaming style and preferences.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

  1. Mechanical vs. membrane keyboards: When choosing a gaming keyboard, one of the key considerations is the type of key switches it uses. Mechanical keyboards are highly recommended for gaming due to their tactile feedback, durability, and precise actuation. They provide a satisfying click or bump with each keystroke, allowing for faster and more accurate input. On the other hand, membrane keyboards use rubber dome switches that offer a softer and quieter typing experience but may lack the same level of responsiveness.
  2. Key rollover and anti-ghosting: Key rollover refer to the number of simultaneous keys presses a keyboard can register without dropping inputs. Look for keyboards with “N-key rollover” or “full-key rollover” to ensure that all your keystrokes are accurately detected, even during intense gaming sessions. Anti-ghosting is a related feature that prevents unwanted key combinations or “ghosting” when multiple keys are pressed at the same time.
  3. Backlighting options: Backlighting can enhance the gaming experience by providing better visibility in low-light conditions and adding a stylish aesthetic to your setup. Look for keyboards with customizable backlighting options, such as RGB lighting, which allows you to choose from a wide range of colors and effects. Some keyboards even offer per-key lighting customization, giving you complete control over the appearance of your keyboard.
  4. Programmable keys and macros: Gaming keyboards often come with programmable keys or macro functionality, allowing you to assign complex commands or shortcuts to a single key or combination of keys. This feature can be particularly useful in games that require frequent repetitive actions or in tasks that require quick access to specific functions. Consider the number of programmable keys available and the ease of programming them to suit your gaming needs.

Gaming mouse features to look for:

  1. DPI sensitivity and adjustable levels: DPI (dots per inch) sensitivity determines how quickly the cursor moves on the screen in relation to physical mouse movements. Look for a gaming mouse with adjustable DPI settings to customize the sensitivity according to your preference and gaming requirements. This flexibility allows for precise aiming in shooter games or swift movements in fast-paced action games.
  2. Ergonomics and grip style: Comfort is crucial during long gaming sessions, so consider the ergonomics of the gaming mouse. Look for a design that fits well in your hand and offers a comfortable grip. Some mice are specifically designed for palm grip, claw grip, or fingertip grip styles, so choose the one that aligns with your preferred grip style for optimal control and reduced hand fatigue.
  3. Programmable buttons: Gaming mice often come with extra buttons that can be programmed to perform various functions or macros. These additional buttons can give you quick access to in-game actions, shortcuts, or weapon swapping. Consider the number and placement of programmable buttons based on your gaming preferences and the types of games you play.
  4. Precision and accuracy: High-precision tracking is essential for gaming, especially in competitive genres like first-person shooters or real-time strategy games. Look for mice with advanced optical or laser sensors that offer high DPI accuracy and smooth tracking across different surfaces. Adjustable polling rate is another feature to consider, as it affects the mouse’s responsiveness and can be fine-tuned to match your gaming needs.

By considering these factors for both gaming keyboards and mice, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your gaming style, preferences, and budget. These features will significantly impact your overall gaming performance and comfort, ensuring an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience.

Top Picks for Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combos Under $100

MSI Vigor GK30 Combo

MSI Vigor GK30 Combo

The MSI Vigor GK30 Combo is an excellent choice for gamers seeking a budget-friendly gaming keyboard and mouse combo without compromising on performance.

  1. Keyboard Features: The Vigor GK30 gaming keyboard included in this combo utilizes special membrane switches, providing an excellent mechanical feel. While not as tactile as mechanical switches, the membrane switches offer satisfying keypress and responsive feedback.

The keyboard features 6-region RGB illumination with 8 impressive light effects, allowing you to customize the lighting to match your gaming setup. It also supports MSI Mystic Light, enabling synchronization with other compatible MSI peripherals for a cohesive lighting experience.

Additionally, the keyboard is water-repellent and splash-proof, ensuring durability and protection against accidental spills during intense gaming sessions.

  1. Mouse Features: The clutch GM11 gaming mouse, part of the MSI Vigor GK30 Combo, boasts an ergonomic design that ensures comfortable usage during extended gaming sessions. Its asymmetrical shape caters to various grip styles, accommodating both palm and claw grips.

The mouse is equipped with high-quality gaming switches that are built to last for more than 10 million clicks, ensuring long-term reliability. With a maximum DPI of 5000, the mouse offers precise tracking and sensitivity adjustment to match your gaming preferences.

While not explicitly mentioned, it is worth considering if the mouse offers programmable buttons for additional customization options, such as assigning macros or in-game commands.

MSI Vigor GK30 Keyboard & GM11 Mouse Strengths:

  • Special membrane switches provide an excellent mechanical feel
  • 6-region RGB illumination with 8 light effects enhances the visual appeal
  • Water-repellent and splash-proof design for added durability


  • Limited customization options compared to mechanical keyboards
  • Lower DPI range on the mouse compared to some other models

Overall, the MSI Vigor GK30 Combo provides a solid gaming keyboard and mouse pairing for under $100. The keyboard’s membrane switches offer a satisfying typing experience, while the mouse’s ergonomic design and durable switches ensure comfortable and accurate control during gameplay.

Please note that further research or user reviews may be necessary to assess any potential drawbacks or limitations of this specific combo.

Razer Power Up Bundle

Razer Power Up Bundle

The Razer Power Up Bundle offers a comprehensive gaming experience with a keyboard, mouse, and headset, all designed to enhance your gaming performance.

  1. Keyboard Features: Razer Cynosa Lite gaming keyboard The Cynosa Lite keyboard is an entry-level gaming keyboard with gaming-grade keys that provide a comfortable and responsive typing experience. It features a single-zone Razer Chroma backlighting system, allowing you to customize the keyboard’s lighting with 16.8 million color options through Razer Synapse 3 software. The spill-resistant and durable design ensures longevity and protects against accidental liquid spills.

The keyboard also offers a 10-key rollover, enabling you to press multiple keys simultaneously without losing any inputs. It is fully programmable, allowing you to assign macros and customize key functions on-the-fly. The gaming mode option ensures that your gaming sessions are uninterrupted by disabling certain keys that may cause accidental interruptions.

  1. Mouse Features: Razer Viper Ambidextrous wired gaming mouse The Viper gaming mouse is designed for precision and speed. It features Razer Optical Mouse Switches that provide a rapid response with 99.4% resolution accuracy, ensuring precise cursor movements during gameplay. The ultra-lightweight design reduces fatigue during extended gaming sessions.

The Viper mouse offers onboard DPI storage, allowing you to save and access your preferred sensitivity settings without the need for additional software. The Razer Speedflex cable minimizes drag, providing a smooth and responsive mouse movement. With eight programmable buttons, you can customize your gaming experience according to your preferences. The ambidextrous design caters to both left-handed and right-handed gamers.

  1. Headset Features: Razer Kraken X Lite gaming headset The Kraken X Lite gaming headset provides superior comfort, durability, and sound quality. Its ultra-lightweight frame ensures prolonged gaming sessions without discomfort. The built-in adjustable cardioid noise-canceling microphone captures clear audio while minimizing background noise.

With a 40mm driver, the Kraken X Lite delivers immersive and detailed sound, enhancing your gaming experience. The headset controls allow you to conveniently adjust the volume and mute the microphone during gameplay.

Razer Power Up Bundle Strengths:

  • Razer Chroma lighting and Synapse 3 features for customizable RGB effects
  • Precise and responsive Viper Ambidextrous wired gaming mouse
  • Kraken X Lite gaming headset with superior comfort and sound quality


  • Limited to Razer ecosystem compatibility
  • The headset may not have advanced features found in higher-end models

The Razer Power Up Bundle offers a well-rounded gaming keyboard and mouse combo, complemented by a comfortable gaming headset. The Cynosa Lite keyboard provides responsive keys with customizable backlighting, while the Viper mouse offers precision and programmability. The Kraken X Lite headset completes the bundle with its lightweight design and clear sound quality.

As with any gaming peripheral, it is advisable to research further or read user reviews to ensure that the bundle meets your specific gaming needs and preferences.

Redragon K621 Wireless Keyboard & M991 Wireless Mouse

Redragon K621 Wireless Keyboard & M991 Wireless Mouse

The Redragon K621 and M991 bundle offers a wireless gaming keyboard and mouse combination, providing convenience and flexibility for gamers.

  1. Keyboard Features: Redragon K621 wireless gaming keyboard The K621 keyboard utilizes Redragon’s innovative 3-mode connection technology, offering three connection options: USB-C wired, Bluetooth 3.0/5.0, and 2.4GHz wireless. This versatility allows you to choose the most suitable connection method for your gaming setup.

The keyboard features a 30% reduced thickness, resulting in a low-profile design. It utilizes middle low-profile red switches with an actuation force of 40g, enabling faster actuation and keystroke response. The low-profile keycaps further contribute to a shorter distance to actuation.

  1. Mouse Features: Redragon M991 wireless gaming mouse The M991 wireless gaming mouse is designed to provide a cable-free gaming experience. It comes with a 2.4GHz nano receiver, ensuring a stable and reliable wireless connection. By eliminating cables, you can enjoy unrestricted movement and reduce clutter on your desk.

The mouse offers adjustable DPI settings with five onboard levels (1000/2000/4000/8000/19000), allowing you to select the sensitivity that suits your gaming needs. Additionally, the DPI levels can be customized with software, giving you further control over your mouse movements.

The M991 mouse’s precise tracking and responsiveness enhance your gaming performance, ensuring that your actions are registered accurately.

Redragon K621 Wireless Keyboard & M991 Wireless Mouse Strengths:

  • 3-mode connection technology (USB-C wired, BT 3.0/5.0, 2.4GHz wireless) for flexibility
  • Low-profile design and short actuation distance on the keyboard
  • Adjustable DPI levels and precise tracking on the wireless gaming mouse


  • Limited brand recognition compared to other options
  • Potential compatibility issues with non-Windows operating systems

The Redragon K621 Wireless Gaming Keyboard and M991 Wireless Gaming Mouse Bundle offer a wireless solution for gamers seeking flexibility and convenience. The keyboard’s multiple connection options cater to different preferences, while the low-profile design and responsive switches enhance typing and gaming experiences. The wireless mouse provides precise tracking and adjustable DPI settings for improved accuracy in gaming.

Before making a purchase, it’s advisable to conduct additional research or read user reviews to ensure that this combo meets your specific gaming requirements and preferences.

Redragon S101 Gaming Keyboard & M601 Mouse

Redragon S101 Gaming Keyboard & M601 Mouse

The Redragon S101 gaming keyboard and mouse combo offers an all-in-one value kit for gamers, featuring an RGB backlit gaming keyboard and a programmable backlit gaming mouse.

  1. Keyboard Features: Redragon RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard The S101 gaming keyboard provides an immersive RGB lighting experience with 7 different lighting modes and effects. You can customize the backlighting further with 4 brightness levels and adjust the breathing speed. The keycaps offer clear uniform backlighting, and the WIN key can be disabled for uninterrupted gaming sessions.

Designed with ergonomics in mind, the keyboard not only enhances gaming performance but also serves as a superb typing tool for office work. It features an integrated wrist rest, providing comfort during long gaming sessions. The keyboard is also built to withstand average liquid spills, increasing its durability.

With 25 conflict-free (n-Key Rollover) keys and a total of 114 keys, including 10 dedicated multimedia keys and 12 additional FN+ multimedia keys, the keyboard offers versatile functionality. The keys are designed to be quiet, durable, and precise, delivering tactile feedback. It includes a full numeric keypad and a gold-plated corrosion-free USB connector for a reliable connection.

  1. Mouse Features: Redragon M601 Programmable Backlit Gaming Mouse The M601 gaming mouse features an ergonomic design with a red backlit feature. It offers adjustable DPI settings up to 3200 DPI (user-adjustable at 800/1600/2400/3200 DPI) to suit your gaming preferences. The mouse also includes weight tuning, allowing you to customize its weight for optimal control and comfort.

With a high-precision sensor, the M601 mouse ensures pinpoint accuracy, and the gaming-grade micro switches provide longevity, durability, and extreme responsiveness. It offers a total of 5 programmable buttons, giving you the flexibility to assign custom commands and macros.

Redragon S101 Gaming Keyboard & M601 Mouse Strengths:

  • The affordable price point for a gaming keyboard and mouse combo
  • Versatile RGB backlighting options on the keyboard
  • Ergonomic design and programmable buttons on the gaming mouse


  • Lower DPI range and less advanced features on the mouse
  • Build quality may not be as robust as higher-end alternatives

The Redragon S101 Gaming Keyboard and M601 Mouse Combo is a value-packed option for gamers looking for an affordable keyboard and mouse combination. The RGB backlit gaming keyboard offers a range of customization options, while the programmable backlit gaming mouse provides precise control and programmability.

Please note that compatibility is primarily with Windows operating systems, although limited Mac OS keyboard support is available. It is recommended to verify compatibility with your specific system requirements before making a purchase.

Logitech G413 Keyboard & G305 Mouse

Logitech G413 Keyboard & G305 Mouse

The Logitech G413 keyboard and G305 mouse combo combines high-performance mechanical gaming keyboard features with a wireless gaming mouse for an enhanced gaming experience.

  1. Keyboard Features: Logitech G413 Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard The G413 keyboard is equipped with Logitech’s Romer-G mechanical switches, specifically designed for pro-grade performance, responsiveness, and durability. These switches provide a tactile and precise typing experience, perfect for gamers seeking optimal key feedback.

The Romer-G switches are also designed to allow precise and clean lighting through the keycaps, ensuring visibility without distraction during late-night gaming sessions. The keyboard features full-function keys, including volume control, media playback, lighting control, and game mode activation.

Additionally, the G413 keyboard comes with a convenient USB passthrough port, allowing you to connect devices such as a mouse or charge your peripherals while maintaining 100% power and data speed.

  1. Mouse Features: Logitech G305 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse The G305 mouse is part of Logitech’s best-selling wireless gaming gear lineup. It features Logitech’s advanced LIGHTSPEED wireless technology, providing a super-fast 1ms response time for ultra-responsive and lag-free gaming. With the Next-gen 12,000 DPI HERO optical sensor, the mouse delivers exceptional gaming performance, accuracy, and power efficiency.

The G305 mouse offers an impressive battery life of up to 250 hours of continuous gaming on a single AA battery. This long battery life ensures uninterrupted gaming sessions without the need for frequent battery changes. The mouse is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Chrome OS.

Logitech G413 Keyboard & G305 Mouse Strengths:

  • High-performance Romer-G mechanical switches on the keyboard
  • USB passthrough port for added convenience
  • Wireless gaming mouse with LIGHTSPEED technology and long battery life


  • Lack of advanced customization options compared to other Logitech models
  • The keyboard’s USB passthrough may require an additional USB port

The Logitech G413 Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and G305 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse Combo provide a high-performance keyboard and a wireless mouse to enhance your gaming setup. The mechanical keyboard with Romer-G switches delivers precise and responsive keystrokes, while the USB passthrough port adds convenience. The G305 wireless mouse offers exceptional performance and long battery life, ensuring a smooth gaming experience.

Before purchasing, ensure that the combo is compatible with your specific system requirements and preferences.

Budget-Friendly Tips for Enhancing the Gaming Experience

  1. Consider affordable accessories like wrist rests and mousepads to improve comfort and ergonomics during long gaming sessions without breaking the bank.
  2. Take advantage of software options provided by the manufacturers to customize settings, including RGB lighting effects, programmable macros, and sensitivity adjustments.
  3. Optimize performance on a budget by regularly updating drivers and firmware for your gaming keyboard and mouse, adjusting in-game settings for optimal performance, and closing unnecessary background applications to free up system resources.

By following these tips, gamers can enhance their gaming experience without exceeding their budget limitations, making the most of their chosen keyboard and mouse combo.


A good gaming keyboard and mouse combo is essential for an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience. The right combo can enhance performance, responsiveness, and comfort, giving gamers an edge in their gameplay.

The great news is that there are quality gaming keyboard and mouse combos available within a $100 budget. Our review of the top picks has showcased a range of options that offer excellent features and performance without breaking the bank.

When choosing a gaming keyboard and mouse combo, it’s crucial to consider factors such as keyboard type (mechanical vs. membrane), key rollover, backlighting options, mouse sensitivity, programmable features, and overall durability. Each combo has its strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to make an informed decision based on your specific needs and preferences.

By taking the time to research and evaluate different options, you can find a combo that suits your gaming style and budget. Whether you prioritize customization, comfort, or performance, there is a combo out there that will meet your requirements.

Investing in a quality gaming keyboard and mouse combo under $100 will not only enhance your gaming experience but also provide long-lasting value. So, go ahead, compare the options, consider your preferences, and make the choice that will take your gaming to the next level. Happy gaming!

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Robert Llarves is a PC hardware enthusiast, gamer, and writer. He has been building his own rigs for a long time and is passionate about helping others do the same. Robert is also an avid competitive gamer, having played games such as Dota 2 and Far Cry.

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